Coronado Model RBR (R-40) Made by NSMCO

This vintage sewing machine has been fully restored to "as new" quality. This one has the name "Coronado," but it is one of the many names of RBR R-40 machines made by the National Sewing Machine Company (NSMCO) for sale by Gambles. Not long after making this machine, the company closed up, never to be heard of again.

While this company was not as big as Singer and White, it was a well known and innovative offering for it's time that thrived off of badging it's machines for other companies.

I bought this machine to use its base for one of my Brother ZZ machines. As I was about to dismantle it for parts, my son told me it was his favorite of all my collection. Still, I was determined to not have this machine lying around in my shop with my premium Necchi, Bernina, New Home, Adler, and Japanese beauties.

It was the push button release mechanism that saved it and turned it into my favorite straight stitch rotary machine. After playing with that feature for a good hour, I was determined to make this thing new again and find it a new home.

Once I made the decision, I fell in love with the other innovations that make this a unique machine. The portable base is my favorite so far. Just looking inside, you can tell the labor and engineering that makes it perfect. The normally hinged bobbin cover is genius. Instead of popping up or sliding out, it swivels. I don't understand why this helps so much, but it does. I also don't understand why other companies didn't do this more. Outside of these engineering and aesthetics, the biggest advantage is the built in motor and rotary wheel. It never slips because it doesn't have a hinge or spring.

As I was planning for the re-cording of the machine, I remembered this funny looking attachment that came with an Eldredge machine from a few months back. Turns out, this was a "Manhattan Plug" and it became my favorite adapter, along with the "Chicago Plug."

The finish is called matte, crinkle, or godzilla and is very tough. It's not rare, nor is it specific to the maker, but it's my favorite type of finish.